3D Fiber Reinforcement


Why 3D fiber reinforcement?

  • Composites based on 1D (uniaxial) or 2D (laminates of single layer fabrics) normally fail through delamination where an out-of-plane load or impact causes matrix failure
  • Composites based on 3D reinforcement have higher damage tolerance and impact resistance
  • 3D preforms can incorporate integral (unitary) shapes
  • Thicker 3D preforms reduce cutting and lay-up time.
  • 3Weave



  • Non-crimp fiber architecture leads to higher strength composites
  • Simultaneous multiple fill insertions speed production
  • Best suited for relatively flat shapes
  • Thicknesses of 0.1” at widths up to 120 inches
  • Thicknesses to 2 ½” at widths up 24”
  • Read more about 3WEAVE®
  • 3Braid


Why 3BRAID®?

  • Thick layerless preforms
  • Best suited for cylindrical or tubular shapes
  • Cross-sections up to 2 in2
  • Read more about 3BRAID®